Community Service

Community Service

It gives me great pleasure to launch the CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) Programme in the school. After working in the development sector for almost a decade, I feel it is important for the students of our privileged schools to connect with and understand the world around them.

The CAS programme, though formally is part of the Diploma Programme, however is built upon from the PYP and MYP levels transcending into the DP.  At the PYP and MYP level, we have launched the Service Learning Programme, where students have had the opportunity to connect with and engage in meaningful activities with the students at the underprivileged school, Ghausia Mehria School in the neighbouring Bhabu Wala Village.

Our students have successfully raised funds through a Bake-Sale and an Economic Fair to set up a Reading Corner, donating a shelf, books and a UPS at the school. Furthermore, our students have conducted various games, art and reading activities with the students of the Ghausia Mehria School. We are now in the process of launching a Health Awareness Campaign and a Tree Plantation Campaign at the school.

Finally, I am looking forward to the new Academic Year, where we will extend our current activities with the Ghausia Mehria School into long-term sustainable projects. Furthermore, we plan to expand our programme with other underprivileged schools while partnering with various development organisations, to establish and strengthen the Service Learning Programme and the CAS Programme of LGSi.


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