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Lahore Grammar School is one of the most renowned academic institutions of the country, producing alumni who are recognised for their work in diverse fields, ranging from consumer electronics to developmental economics.

In 2014, LGSi initiated the IB program at Lahore Grammar School International, in their new, purpose-built campus, located in the heart of Lahore. Here, at LGSi, we aim to provide all-round education based on not only on academic excellence but also social awareness. We believe that present-day education must equip students with the ability to tackle the unknowns they will face as they grow up.

That means a different sort of education. The students here are encouraged to be inquisitive, are engaged in learning which is not only academic but also stimulates them to be creative and better human beings, people who understand their world and society, and are equipped to help save and conserve the world they live in.

Along with academics, we lay stress on extra-curricular activities, offering the students the chance to participate in the exploration of Music, Drama, Art, a variety of sports, foreign languages and ICT. This helps to provide them with the chance to develop healthy, new interests which they can pursue both in their spare time and further in life.

Dr Shazia Iqbal Khan

Excellence through Playgroup to 12th Grade education

A LGSi education spans the most crucial years in a child’s development, from Playgroup through twelfth grade. By the time they begin further studies, a LGSi graduate is an intellectual leader and a joyful learner, with an empathetic spirit and a drive to make a positive societal impact.

LGSi has a rigorous curriculum spanning all disciplines. The curriculum emphasizes real-world applications of academic skills and challenges students to appreciate the value of multiple perspectives. This learning takes place among a diverse population of students and teachers.

LGSi is committed to connecting academic learning with the world beyond the classroom. Students engage daily in hands-on projects at school. Field trips are arranged in accordance with unit planners respectively

At the heart of our educational programmes are our exceptional faculty and staff. Carefully recruited, our faculty and staff deliver dynamic academic and co-curricular programmes which provide an educational experience that meets the needs of each individual student. LGSi’s strong commitment to professional development ensures the use of current instructional practices that support our approach to personalized learning. The environment of collaboration and professionalism that permeate the educators at LGSi is a model for how we expect students to interact with their peers and adults.

At LGSi we emphasize on an academic programme that develops critical thinking and problem-solving strategies while meeting the needs of the child and attaining academic benchmarks. All students benefit from our strength in core subjects: math, science, language arts, social studies (humanities) and modern languages. In addition, an instruction is provided in speciality areas such as languages, drama, art, physical education (PE) and technology. In addition to academics, LGSi offers a co-curricular programme on campus. The after-school activity programme includes a variety of intellectual and physical activities to suit the interest of our student body.

We strongly encourage collaborative partnerships among our parents, teachers and students to maintain and strengthen the learning community and environment of our school.

Please take advantage of all the helpful information on our website. The menu at the side will provide you with policy and procedure information and answers to some frequently asked questions. If you continue to have questions please do not hesitate to contact our office and let us know how the admissions office can be of assistance.


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